Last day for UK citizens to petition for central e-crime police unit

feb-29-2008It’s February 29th.  If you’re a single man that means you’re living in mortal fear that your girlfriend will realise that you have been ignoring her hints for the last 4 years, take advantage of the Leap Year, and propose marriage to you.

If, however, you’re British and work in IT security then you should know that today is also the last opportunity you have to petition Prime Minister Gordon Brown to create a central e-crime police unit.

As we blogged last month, it has been almost two years since the National High-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) was closed down and its work transferrred to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).  Many people, including the Metropolitan Police and the Association of Chief Police Officers, are concerned that not enough is being done to fight computer crime in the UK and have called for the creation of a central e-crime police agency.

If you’re a UK citizen you can sign the petition on the official government website: