Spam per capita..

You’ve probably already heard that the United States, Russia and China are the top spam-relaying countries. We decided to look at the volume of spam in terms of population, and a very different list emerged…

The following are the top ten countries based on spam emitted per capita.

  1. The Pitcairn Islands
  2. Niue
  3. Tokelau
  4. Anguilla
  5. The Faroe Islands
  6. Monaco
  7. Bermuda
  8. Falkland Islands
  9. Andorra
  10. Aruba

Of course, many of these countries are home to small numbers of people – The Pitcairn Islands, for instance, has an estimated population of 50 people, while Niue and Tokelau have about 2000 residents each.

How did our top three spam-relaying countries – USA, Russia and China – fare when their spam was measured in terms of population? Not surprisingly, their positions fell: the States came in at 64, Russia was at 45 and China at a lowly 132.

Other top spam-relaying countries that changed positions when we looked at them from a per capita perspective:

  • The UK was at 50, not 9.
  • Canada was at 89, not 26.
  • Japan was at 136, not 32.
  • Australia was at 85, not 33.