If you go down to the airport today..

..and you happen to be flying British Airways on a long haul flight, be sure to check out the Microsoft sponsored documentary on Network Security.

It’s a very useful 30 minute programme on computer security hosted by John Craddock. Some of the analogies may be a little tenuous (linking the “Art of War” to computer security) but it does provide a good summary.

In fact the programme is so good that it’s recommended viewing for all new employees at Sophos. The new video-on-demand system on BA flights allow you to skip through parts, but make sure you stop after 17 mins 44 seconds to watch the interview with Sophos’s Carole Theriault and then again at 25 mins 12 seconds for yours truly demonstrating the global nature of threats 🙂

The program only runs till the end of this month, but can also be found here on the Microsoft Technet Website (although you need SilverLight to view it)

Sadly I missed out on the Oscar nomination but I’m still eagerly awaiting my call from Steven Spielberg. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping my day job.