Island hopping: the infectious allure of vendor swag

Earlier this month I said that I would comment on an article in this months TechNet.

The title of the article “Island hopping: the infectious allure of vendor swag “ is explained as “penetrating a network through a weak link and then hopping around”.

The vendor swag in question is the USB storage device. The low price of branded USB storage has tempted many a marketing department to give away devices in recent times. Even if the USB device was malware free when it left the factory the likely hood of it being malware free by the time it enters your computer network is low.

The article is the first of a two-parter and was just setting the scene and showing how they can be currently controlled. Some of which were discussed here others are new features in Vista.

So what are Sophos doing about this threat? One of the things that senior SophosLabs personnel do is advise our development teams on new threats and how Sophos products can counter them. We highlighted the threat from USB devices and its good to see the beta for device control functionality now available for customers to try out. This beta provides control over removable storage devices, like USB flash disks, and also wireless network protocols.

To sign up simply follow the link from the Sophos home page or follow this link.