Eastern Europe – a new phishing target?

A quiet Saturday so far. One thing perhaps interesting to point out is a potential trend of phishing attacks moving geographically to East. The writer of this phishing email in Czech language wants to make us think that the message originated from a Czech bank Sporitelna, a part of Austrian Erste Bank.

Sporitelna phishing email

Apart from the uncommon language for phishing emails, all other characteristics are similar to any other standard phishing attack in English or Italian, which is often seen these days. Does it mean that the success rate of standard phishing attack on the West is in decline? Or could it be that the phishing gangs have become so sophisticated and started thinking like real businesses? If your intention is to increase the revenue one option is to move to a new, emerging market and being there first is a significant advantage over competition. Hopefully, this is just a one-off attack and not a market expanding exercise.