Space Invaders

I was looking around in MySpace the other day when I came across the profile of someone I know quite well.

At least I thought I knew him well until I saw his bulletin board where he proclaimed his great skill at a certain lewd act. The body of the message itself contained only a hyperlink. Obviously, someone had broken the profile owner’s password and inserted this post in his name.

The profile owner was notified and he quickly changed his password to something more secure before quickly deleting the post. But not before I made a copy of the post and the link it contained and sent them both to the lab.

The link was for a porn website with some mousetrapping code. When the user tries to navigate away from the site, another browser window pops up with the original porn site. Definitely something you don’t want to happen while at work.

So please, use secure passwords and tell your friends to as well. Otherwise, you might just find yourself as an unwitting spokesperson for niche market pornography.