Speed up your PC! for FREE!

What’s the easiest (and cheapest) way to get a faster computer? Delete Windows of course!

At least, that’s the joke that’s been going around probably since the advent of Windows 95 in the mid 1990’s. Thankfully, the more recent incarnations of the Windows operating system have improved significantly on their predecessors and this old jest becomes a lot less funny as it ages.

However, the performance of Windows still remains a thorn in the side of newer computer users. Typically, these users have had their new computer for a year or so, and, while suitably impressed with its performance initially, have watched it slowly grind to a halt as numerous tools and applications insist on clogging up their system drive with poorly written uninstallers, gigabytes of temporary files and those annoying startup agents that load with Windows and sit resident in memory just in case they’re needed.

It’s common then, for these users to turn to third party tools to clean up their computers. For the most part, these tools work pretty well. However, these programs are not always what they seem. Take, for instance, the tool pictured in the screenshot below.


To the unsuspecting computer users, this software looks like the perfect thing to clean up their computer. It appears simple, easy to use, small and free. Just the sort of things we’re looking for right? Wrong! This tool will “optimise” your computer by deleting a lot of critical system files.  The end result is that your computer is rendered un-bootable and you’re left hoping that you have made a full system backup recently. Luckily, this malicious program is detected by Sophos as Troj/Sysdel-B, so customers are automatically protected against this nasty piece of work.