Another Day Another Worm With A Love Message

Filed Under: Malware, SophosLabs

Being on the "other" side of the world, the Australian Lab virus analysts sometimes get the odd-looking malware in our time zone.

Just because we're standing upside down (just kidding!) on this side of the planet compared with our North American and European colleagues doesn't mean there's any less shortage of malware authors. Take for instance, this love-lorn malware author who created W32/SillyFDC-CG.

As expected, the malware does its best to annoy you by:

- displaying a fake message on startup


- overriding your Windows Folder properties


- displaying a lady's image at certain times of the day (we've taken the liberty to black out her picture)


- and finally overridding the default Windows tooltip to display a message instead


Naturally, users whose computers have been infected with this malware are not feeling much love at the moment.

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