Mister Swizzor’s Wacky Dialog Box Adventure

Mr Swizzor had a problem. He knew that anti-malware engine heuristics thought that GUI applications without windows and buttons and text boxes were worrisome, because creating a GUI application without a GUI is a bit silly. But if he put windows and buttons and text boxes in his Trojan, those nasty anti-virus companies might decide that everything with a window that looked just like it was a Bad Program too. Then, no matter how many times he recompiled his program with that snazzy obfuscation script he had, they would still stop it getting on to people’s computers and he wouldn’t make any money.

So Mr Swizzor put on his thinking cap and decided to solve the problem in a fun and original way. He would give those anti-virus companies the windows and buttons and textboxes they were so interested in, but he would make them look different every time so if they just just looked at the GUI, they wouldn’t even know it was him.

Oahi Tste

Unfortunately Mr Swizzor had spent so long working on his whimsical dialog boxes that he had forgotten to work on his polycode at all, so he found out too late that all of his new, fancy window-sporting Trojans were easily detected by Sophos as Mal/Swizzor-B.

Dtwe Aepsateo

Better luck next time, Mr Swizzor!