A one-way ticket to… ahh, we’ve been hacked

Readers in Northern Ireland may have had their travel plans disrupted in the last few days following a hack attack on the website of Translink, who run bus and train services in the region.

A note on Translink’s website say that the attack occurred for an hour between 12:00 and 13:00 on Friday 9 May.

Translink's website

As you can see, details are sketchy – but according to this report on BBC News Online a spokesperson claims there is no indication that customer’s data has been compromised. Nevertheless, Translink is obviously taking the attack seriously and has suspended all online ticket sales until it has discovered more about the nature of the hack, and how it might be countered in future.

Translink should be applauded for being upfront about the incident – and it will be interesting to see if more details emerge as to what actually happened.