A cyber-thriller for our German readers: “Spam from the 8th floor”

Those awfully clever chaps in Sophos’s German offices have been busy.

Not content with their day job of helping big businesses prevent hackers, malware, spyware and spam causing disruption they have also turned their hand to something new: writing an IT crime thriller!

Now, I don’t read German but I am assured that “Spam aus dem achten Stock” (“Spam from the eighth floor”) puts Frederick Forsyth, Jeffrey Archer and Ian Fleming to shame with its story of network crashes, love, greed, fast car chases, eccentric tweed-wearing Englishmen, fake Viagra emails, and hired spammers.

The book has already received some rave reviews.  For instance, Tim Cole, well-known technology journalist and blogger has said that “The hero [of the book] is kind of like the James Bond of the IT world.”

You won’t find the 48-page book by Rainer Sauer (pictured below at the book’s launch with Sophos Germany chief Pino v Kienlin) at Barnes & Noble or on Amazon.com (yet!), but you can download a PDF of it for free from our German-language website.   If there is enough interest we may be able to convince the marketroids to translate it into other languages too.

Author Rainer Sauer with Pino v Kienlin

Alternatively, if you meet up with Sophos GmbH in the coming months at an event then you can get your hands on a highly-prized paperback edition.

If you read German, and have comments on the book, then please let us know at the usual address: sophosblog@sophos.com.  We would love to hear what you think.

Happy reading!