Latest Threats and Trends

Today we’ve released our latest Sophos Security Threat Report, a summary of what we have been seeing over the past six months.

Regular readers of this blog will not be surprised that web threats continue to grow. With a staggering 16,173 new malicious web pages being found every day, that’s one every five seconds! 90% of these are legitimate web sites that have been compromised. Highlighting the risk to not only users, but also the reputation of an organisations brand.

The biggest growth over the past few months has been the use of SQL injection attacks, Mal/Badsrc, which makes up 23.5% of the detections over the past six months, but if we look at just June, it accounts for nearly 35% of all new malicious pages.

As we have reported on this blog previously, it can affect large organisations as well as small, and the frustrating thing for us, is that we have often seen sites, reinfected, just a few hours after they have been cleaned up, so the underlying vulnerability is not being addressed.

The threat report covers the full range of the latest trends in malware, spam and web threats, and I’ll be talking about it more in a webcast tomorrow (Thursday July 24th) if you care to listen in.