Video: The e-Ticket email malware campaign

So, this is a bit diffferent.

There have often been demonstrations explaining malware from the users’ point of view. What I have tried to do in this video is give you a glimpse of how we see it inside SophosLabs.

The example I have used is the recent e-Ticket campaign where the malicious attached file posed as an airline ticket. This campaign was spammed out widely in the final few days of July, and followed other attacks which used disguises such as a UPS parcel delivery, or a message from Customs.

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The video demonstrates how Sophos identifies a new malware campaign involving email attachments, and how we aim to block them as both spam and viral, in order to maximise the protection for our customers.

This is the first time I’ve recorded a commentary over a video – so let me know how it sounds. I didn’t have an external microphone to hand, so just used the one built into my MacBook.

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