Exposed: CNN Top Ten video malware

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Nicolai from the Canadian branch of SophosLabs has blogged about the malicious email campaign we have been seeing in our spamtraps.

The emails look just like CNN's breaking news alert service, and internet users may be fooled into clicking on the links and being taken to dangerous website rather than the genuine CNN site. Once there, computer users are encouraged to download an executable file to view the video and that, of course, is a Trojan horse.

Customers using Sophos's email and web gateway solutions are protected against the campaign, and the malware is proactively detected as Mal/EncPk-DA.

Here is a short video I made this morning, exposing the disguise used in these emails and their dangerous payload:

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I think the sound quality of the commentary on this is better than in the last video we published, but let me know if you have any comments. I probably need to buy a decent microphone - again, let me know if you have a suggestion on what I should purchase.

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