Duplicitous Fake Pilfered Real Anti-Virus Software

Certain websites out there claim to offer Sophos Anti-Virus version 9 for download with an accompanying “keygen” to crack the software. Such a scenario contravenes acceptable behaviour on several levels:

  1. There is a legitimate version of our very own Sophos Anti-Virus which has been shamelessly offered for unauthorised download. Daylight robbery, I say!
  2. The real latest version of Sophos Anti-Virus is 7 and not the advertised 9. What’s in a number?
  3. The alleged keygen actually installs a BHO on the computer. Poetic justice, perhaps.

Of course, the irony is that after having installed Sophos Anti-Virus, albeit illegally, the “keygen” would actually be detected as Mal/FakeVir-E.

Well, well, well who shall have the last laugh? We don’t mind if we do, thank you very much.

Fake anti-virus software from multiple sources is now ubiquitous and we urge that people maintain a high level of vigilance to thwart those making a fortune out of these scams.

As far as SophosLabs is concerned one might think that it has just become a touch more personal. However we must continue to fight the reprobates in a dispassionate and professional manner as usual.