Hasn’t Paris Hilton been busy?

It’s been a busy month so far for celebrity airhead Paris Hilton.

Just take a look at this spam quarantine on Gmail (click on the picture for more detail):

Here in Great Britain we have a long holiday weekend about to begin. It’s going to be hard to relax knowing that poor Paris will be beavering away relentlessly, arriving in inboxes of millions of people worldwide with tedious regularity.

Can anyone explain to me what the attraction is of Paris? She doesn’t do anything other than go to parties as far as I can make out? Wouldn’t it make the world feel a little less ashamed of itself if the malware spreaders used the lure of someone a little more laudable (as well as the obvious need for sexiness)?

When will we see malicious spam inviting us to watch a video of Catherine Deneuve, Dame Diana Rigg, or Juliette Binoche?

And what does the hotel think of all this? Surely all these messages about Miss Hilton are making life harder (and Google search engine optimization a headache) for The Hilton Hotel in Paris?