Madonna quiz: we have a winner!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Madonna song title quiz. In total we had just under 100 entries.

The first person to correctly find all nineteen (yes, count them, they’re in red below) Madonna song titles was… drum roll please…. John Rooney.

John describes himself as “an internet security consultant, spending my time helping clients understand what vulnerabilities are. [He’s] currently residing in New York and a big fan of Sophos products, in particular PureMessage.”

Oh, and he takes a medium-sized T-shirt. There, that should be enough info for any identity thieves out there. 🙂

If you’re still scratching your head, here are those Madonna songs highlighted below. Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition – we’ll run another one soon.

Madonna video leads to malware hanky panky

Take a bow material girl Madonna! She may have just celebrated her fiftieth birthday, but Madonna can still hold her own against young Hollywood upstarts like bad girl Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan by causing a commotion in the malware charts.

This latest campaign bears all the hallmarks of previous attacks that have over and over again posed as breaking news reports from MSNBC, or scandalous erotic movies of female celebrities.

The emails, arriving in users’ inboxes around the world, claim to contain a link to a XXX-rated video of the pop superstar.

But don’t click on the link (which points to a file called madonna.avi.exe) as it will lead you to piece of malware detected by Sophos as the Troj/FakeVir-EW Trojan horse. You will live to tell the tale for now if you have good anti-virus software in place, but your computer may die another day if you don’t take more care in future.

Troj/FakeVir-EW has to be the latest example of the vogue for criminal gangs to try and scare innocent computer users into making unwise purchases after displaying bogus security warnings. This is something to remember next time a beautiful stranger appears to send you a link to an apparent erotica video. Don’t tell me that the hackers won’t try this trick again – sooner or later we’ll see a similar scam, and you’ll be sorry if you click before you think.