McAfee man stole my identity

Last Friday, the BBC Radio 4 six o’clock news show ran a piece about how easy it is to lose USB memory sticks, and how identity thieves can benefit if the data is not properly encrypted. This news story surfaced after the revelation that a memory stick had been lost containing the personal information of every prisoner in England and Wales.

The BBC contacted me that afternoon, a few hours before the show was to be aired, and recorded a few pithy comments from me in the little recording studio we have here at Sophos.

Now, I was busy working that night so I didn’t get to hear the programme when it was broadcast at 6pm. But Mark Harris, director of SophosLabs, was tuned in as he drove his family on a weekend break to Wales.

And it was Mark who blew the whistle, and informed me that Greg Day of McAfee (and a former colleague when all three of us worked at Dr Solomon’s Software – aka S&S International – in the 1990s) had apparently stolen my identity.

It would be wrong for me to act as judge, jury and executioner in regard to whether McAfee’s Greg Day is guilty of stealing my identity. You decide for yourself by watching the following video:

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