A most laborious Labor day

Seems like malware authors and organized gangs involved in spammed out malware have zero notion of “a day off for the working citizens”.

SophosLabs North America (Canada & the US) dealt with four new malware outbreaks during our 8-hour shift today on the last day of our long weekend. This is in addition to the new outbreak our colleagues in the UK were handling right when we took over the mantle from them. Usually one or two new outbreaks are standard, but five (4+1) new outbreaks in an eight hour span certainly raises eyebrows.

Outbreaks that we saw during the North America shift today:

  • Troj/FakeAle-GO – spam messages with subjects like “Airmail Tracking number #1853264”, carrying a payload which displays fake computer virus infection alerts.
  • W32/Autorun-IQ– spam messages with subjects like “Your Online Flight Ticket N 50814”, clearly a potent worm which nests in your removable drives among other modes of transport to spread itself around.
  • Troj/FakeAle-GP – spam messages with subjects like”Huge <beep>”, “More <beep>”, or “<beep>” (trying to keep this blog clean folks!) , another one of those fake alert trojans.
  • Troj/NtRootK-DW – spam messages with subjects like “Tracking N 9139800613”, a twist from the usual Troj/FakeAle-?? people. This one had a rootkit component.

So there you go folks, the malware authors aren’t taking a break trying to break into your computer, even on a holiday. Please keep your AV software up-to-date (minute?) and show judgment with those emails. Signing off.