Who? What? Yikes! Albanian popstars used in malware campaign

Move aside Britney, it’s now time to dance & party to the tunes of Ciljeta Cilaga and Altuna Sejdiu! Who? Pictures are worth a thousand words and so the spam messages conveniently provide you with photographs of each of these ladies:


A quick Google search points that they are Albanian pop stars. So the logical thing would be to click on the video link to determine What? they sing/perform.

Now comes the Yikes! Instead of music videos, you have just downloaded files: altuna-sejdiu-cicat.wmv.sex.exe & Ciljeta-Cilaga-sexy.wmv.exe! These are not WMV files, but executable files both detected as Mal/Behav-024, which drops more malware on to your computer.

Safe bet was to visit YouTube to watch their music videos. This is yet another example of social engineering to appeal to the email recipient’s curiosity in an effort to own their computer. Britney is old news, and we’ve yet to discover many more new singing talents from around the globe.