More Facebook fun with Koobface

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Today we got yet another sample of malware attacking Facebook. We detect this lot as Troj/Koobfa-A. It has some interesting characteristics. You can see how it attempts to log in to Facebook,  look up friends, post a URL via TinyURL and logs out again. It also had the previous variant's mark of the following pop-up:

Error installing Codec. Please contact support

You would think by now this would be old-hat and the authors would be bored and give up on it. Apparently not.

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Beth Jones Senior Threat Researcher, SophosLabs US Beth manages the day-to-day research and analysis activities of incoming suspicious malware threats that arrive in SophosLabs via customers, partners and prospects. Beth has worked in Sophos's Boston lab for more than five years and brings nearly a decade of network security experience to Sophos.