Alien cartoons become bad girls in malware attack

We’ve seen what seems like an endless stream of email attachment malware over the past few weeks. Some of it was noteworthy because it used a slightly more originally social engineering ‘lure’. Airline tickets, parcel delivery notifications etc made a change from the usual torrent of promises of video’s of Britney, Angelina and friends.

Over the past couple of days the malware authors have obviously become tired of coming up with anything original, the CNN and BBC news stories have become quite ridiculous. Alien’s sending cartoons? What is a “snow collector” anyway?


Surely reputable news organisations like BBC and CNN wouldn’t stoop to such sensational headlines (although maybe they would?) so no-one would be tempted. So today, the malware authors have reverted to type, and gone back to lurid promises of pornographic videos

Offers of pornographic material

All of these samples have been detected as Troj/VidRar-Fam, archive files which contain executables detected as Troj/Agent-HNY.