Not a good time to become a Merchant Banker

Given the recent problems the world has been experiencing you would think that now would not be the time to become a merchant banker or any other job in financial services with the Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and AIG news.

If you are thinking of researching the possibilities of becoming a banker then here is another reason not to. BusinessWeek’s online content has been hit by an SQL Injection. Mal/Badsrc-C is residing on pages relating to jobs and recruitment.


Sophos contacted BusinessWeek last week, and at the time of writing the website is still infected.

Check out the following video which Graham Cluley posted on his blog for more information:

Over the past months we have blogged a great deal about the problem of Mal/Badsrc-C being planted on websites using SQL Injection (see this knowledge base article) and yet we see new domains hit every day.

What happens when we find an infected website?