Honestly Amusing

Of the millions of spam messages and campaigns we see on a daily basis, touting everything from Oriental tax evasion and Russian brides to Britney videos, seldom do we see one that’s actually truthful in its claims.

Enter the honestly amusing chain letter that greeted our spam traps this morning; at first glance, it appears like any other spam message, adorned with large colorful lettering drawing one’s attention with phrases like “THIS IS AMAZING!” Following on is the claim, with supporting evidence and testimonials, before suggesting that this chain letter be forwarded on to your friends.

Lastly, most chain letters include a warning to the recipient that non-compliance may lead them to suffer some debilitating illness or financial loss, designed to play on people’s fears and beliefs to aid in the chain letter’s propagation.

Honest Chain Letter

As we read on however we quickly discovered that the chain letter was brutally honest about its claims.

Although we do not suggest you acquire or forward on the chain letter, our skilled researchers at SophosLabs have verified the claims and determined that indeed, sending said chain letter to any of your friends will result in absolutely nothing happening :-P. Except, that is, if you consider the amount of data this may cost, with each email being 90kB. In an office environment one could quickly clog up the mail servers… and this would result in nothing more than a grumpy IT administrator.