Video: Paris Hilton & Sarah Palin – what’s the connection?

The story about Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account being hacked is making headlines around the world, and bloggers are arguing back-and-forth about the rights and wrongs of breaking into her account.

What’s perhaps most relevant to all of us, however, is how did the hackers manage to breach security and gain access to what should have been a secure email account, and what can the ordinary man or woman in the street do to prevent it happening to them?

After all, if it can happen to Sarah Palin it could – if we’re not careful – potentially happen to you, me, or even celebrities like Paris Hilton…

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Hopefully the video will give some people a few tips as to how to better look after their web email account.

Of course, Sarah Palin isn’t the only person in the race to the White House who has caught the eye of hackers. Last week I blogged about the fake Barack Obama Sex Movie that cybercriminals used as a lure to infect innocent computer users.

Oh, and the guys who look after our website say I owe them a few drinks after what they expect I’m going to do to the servers by mentioning “Paris Hilton” and “video” on the same webpage.