You Can Run But You Can’t Hide …

… unless you leave your mobile phone behind.

Yesterday I was rudely disturbed by a mobile spam campaign. The spam had the following message:

Credit crunch biting?
solution to. wipe
70% of your debt.
reply with CLEAR
for more info

Does that imply one needs to text the government to ease one’s debt obligations (err … not that I have any …)? Of course I did not bother to reply to the text. I am more interested in how the government intends to restrict irresponsible bank loans in the future. Another thing, banning short-selling seems odd in a society which worships “The Market” (if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen).

Apologies for the digression. A disconcerting difference between standard spam and mobile spam is that mobile spam may actually cost hard cash just by receiving it. If one were on holiday and received mobile spam, one would have to actually pay for it, probably! Where’s the justice?

Anyway, a quick look on several sites seems to suggest that there is an increasing backlash against mobile spam. How far is it going to get us, though, I wonder?