Cisco T-shirt competition – we have a winner!

Congratulations to Chris Emerson, an embedded software engineer currently working with digital radio. Chris lives and works near Cambridge in the UK, and takes a “large” T-shirt fact fans.

Why are we talking about Chris? Because he was the first person to be pulled out of the hat in our fabulous competition to commemorate Cisco losing the letter “t” from its website yesterday, and so an exclusive Sophos T-shirt is winging its way to him.

Chris correctly found all of the missing words. If anyone is still scratching their head, here are those answers in full:

1. tent (ten and ent also accepted)
2. tentacle
3. tintinntabulations
4. attitude
5. buttocks
6. tut (ut also accepted)
7. titter (tier also accepted, but it’s not half as good)

Just be grateful I didn’t put down one of my other thoughts: tittle-tattle.

Well done if you managed to get them all, and thanks to everyone who took part. We’ll do another competition soon.