VB2008: John Hawes of Virus Bulletin interviewed


I promised you gossip, and gossip you shall have.

The VB2008 conference hasn’t quite kicked off yet (we’re just over seven hours away from kick-off) but as I described yesterday, meetings have been taking place behind closed doors between anti-virus companies, testing organisations and other interested parties.

Spare a thought for Andreas Marx, head honcho at AV-Test.org, as he hasn’t had the best luck at Virus Bulletin conferences located in Canada. His luggage still hasn’t been reunited with him after his trip from Germany. Well, at least it’s not as bad as two years ago in Montreal where he managed to get mugged on the street. Fortunately there is a queue of anti-virus companies keen to offer him t-shirts should he fancy a change of clothes.

There are also rumours that a techie from Trend Micro (who I won’t name to save his embarassment) might have struggled to check in to his room at the Westin Hotel where the conference is being held, possibly because he had made his booking in a completely different hotel entirely!

I managed to find a few minutes to film a brief interview with John Hawes, technical consultant with Virus Bulletin.

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John had his own piece of conference gossip to share with me. Apparently last night, in the wee small hours of the morning as he was trying to get some kip, there was a knock at his door. Tentatively opening the door John found a member of staff clutching a sink plunger and offering to unblock his toilet.

The only problem was that John didn’t need his toilet unblocked – so it’s a mystery as to whether another conference attendee may be suffering from plumbing problems. We’ll keep you posted if there any developments in this news story.