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I have to admit that it took me some time to become positive about micro blogging sites like Twitter. I thought I will never tweet, primarily because I did not not think anybody would be interested in finding out what I am doing and where I am, but even more because letting other people know your whereabouts could be considered a security risk, especially by mildly paranoid people like computer virus researchers. Our paranoia allows us to look at every piece of code with a healthy dose of skepticism.

The benefits of Twitter became apparent when I realized that quite a few security researchers are using it to send their impressions from this year’s Black Hat conference, together with several quick ideas and interesting URLs that did not require full blog articles. Interesting tweets kept arriving in near real time, which made me reconsider the usefulness of the service and a Twitter fan.

Today we have setup a Twitter feed at where you can follow the latest entries from our blog directly from your desktop or a mobile device, in a true “network is the computer” style. I hope you will find our tweets useful.