An offensive CAPTCHA on MySpace

Whilst setting up a MySpace account earlier on this morning I experienced one of those “surely it can’t be” moments. Having entered my personal details I proceeded to goof up the initial CAPTCHA I was presented with. (Clearly more practice is needed to get close to being on a par with others [1].) Anyhow, MySpace kindly presented me with another CAPTCHA.

Maybe ‘kindly’ is a little premature. A screen shot of the CAPTCHA is shown below (click to see original image):

[MySpace CAPTCHA image]

I am not making this up.

Was this the work of a jester within their web team? Has my ‘hit’ triggered a little red siren somewhere in the depths of their web development team? Should I feel honoured, targeted? Is there an exclusive on-line club I can join (“MySpace Patsy’s”)?

On a slightly more serious side, note the tick by Allow others to see when it’s my birthday. I originally unticked that box, but on reloading the new CAPTCHA the option was reselected again. Grrr. Though not as serious as exposing my full date of birth to other users (as Graham previously observed for Facebook [2]) this is still annoying.