Six arrested following Sarkozy bank account hack

Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni

When you have a victim of banking fraud as high profile as the President of France, it’s not surprising that the authorities will put a lot of resources and effort into getting to the bottom of who might be responsible.

According to media reports, French police have now arrested a total of six people in connection with the breach of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s bank account.

President Sarkozy filed a complaint with police last month following withdrawals of “small amounts of money” from his personal Parisian bank account. It is alleged that the money was used to set up mobile phone subscriptions – and some of the people arrested are said to be employees of a cellphone store in Rouen.

Of course, it should be remembered that identity theft isn’t just a problem for famous people like Sarah Palin, Paris Hilton or Nicolas Sarkozy. It can – and does – potentially impact all of us, and we must all do what we can to properly defend ourselves.