Are You Being Served Malware?

John InmanAs I mentioned last week, one of the first things I do each morning to review the internal labs dashboard to see what is happening.

Today I was greeted with yet another email attachment outbreak. Seeing the list of subject lines, I immediately thought the malware authors were paying homage to the late great John Inman, the legendary Mr Humphries from the 70’s TV show “Are you being served?

Those of you old enough to remember (or bored enough to have watched the reruns) will know that he was immortalized by his catch phrase “I’m free!”

Not Free!

Unfortunately, on closer examination it would appear that malware authors are even less cultured than I thought, the messages contain a very poorly worded offer to view “the sexiest photo” posing as a zip file “DC Pentax”. Predictably, there are no photographs, just more malware, in this case Troj/Agent-ICW