Buxom Russian women still looking for love online

27-year-old Julia from Russia doesn’t have a lot to say for herself.

She’s sent me an email suggesting (from the subject line at least) that she is interested in dating, and included a soft-focus picture of herself in a wedding dress carrying an attractive bouquet.

Russian dating spam

Reading the small print it turns out that Julia is an “MSN Featured Offer”. Wow! Microsoft is offering us Russian brides now?

It’s not all good news though. Apparently the prices and availability are subject to change without notice. And if you click on any of the links it turns out that these Russian brides-to-be aren’t always wearing white…

Russian dating website, promoted by spam
The Russian dating website promoted by the spam email.

It seems to me that most of the women who have apparently signed up for this site are young, scantily dressed and immune to the chilly winds that blow around the Balkans. I’ll let you decide for yourselves whether they are likely to be real members of the dating website, or honeytraps for unwary surfers looking for online romance.

I’m afraid it’s a sad reflection on us all that emails like this are sent. They wouldn’t be spammed out unless some petunia-head occasionally thought they were worth clicking on. If we all rejected emails like this, and refused to click on unsolicited links, then surely the spammers wouldn’t bother any longer?