US election spam – an end in sight?

I’m British, so frankly what people get up to on the other side of the pond isn’t any of my business and I should keep my nose out of it.

Or so I expect I would be told. The only thing is that it is my business and it’s your business too, whether you’re based in the UK like me or the Ukraine or Ubud. The election of the next chap to run the most powerful country in the world is important because of the impact it has on global events.

We can’t help but all be fascinated with the American election process (which seems to last about two years), when our own elections are done-and-dusted in about five weeks.

One interesting phenomenon that we have seen for months and months is US election-related spam. It seems the American politicians sneakily gave themselves a loophole in the CAN-SPAM act which meant they could pretty much turn a blind eye to the legislation (although many of them are still careful to include unsubscribe links in their mass-mailings), and “spam” their potential electorate and fevered supporters to their hearts’ content.

As a result we’ve received a lot of election-related spam in our traps. Here are a couple of recent examples from both sides of the fence (including one apparently from sitcom star Kelsey Grammer):



All we can hope is that when the next owner of the White House front door key is revealed tomorrow (hanging chads permitting..) that we’ll see a reduction in US political mass-email… for a few years at least.