Another Barack Obama sex scandal, or just malware?

Poor Barack Obama. You’ve got to feel sorry for the guy. He’s only just been elected President of the United States of America, and he’s being exploited yet again by internet hackers in their attempt to infect computer users.

The latest round of malicious emails claim – surprise surprise – that Barack Obama has been caught out in a sex video. A typical email has the subject line “Barak Obama sex scandal” and reads: “Barak Obama p0rn video, file attached, watch him”.

Obama sex scandal email

Of course, opening the attachment (currently called is not a good idea as it really contains the Troj/Agent-IDO malicious Trojan horse.

Here is brief glimpse into the dangerous attachments we have seen coming into our labs, including this latest malware attack, in the last minute or so:

List of emails with dangerous attachments

This attack doesn’t appear to be connected to the very widespread email assault last week, where hackers spammed out across the world claiming to contain a link to a video of one of Barack Obama’s speeches, but really trying to get users to download a Trojan horse disguised as an Adobe Flash update to their Windows PC.

And back in September, hackers targeted Windows users with an email claiming to contain a sex video of Barack Obama. None of this is very imaginative, but it sounds like the hackers believe they are on to a winning formula.

It still strikes me as odd that the hackers are calling him “Barak” instead of “Barack” however.