Sensational post-election spam continues

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McCain and Obama

Last week the spammers told us that John McCain had caught nude in public, discovered that his wife Cindy had starred in a private video and (presumably from the shock and stress) died from a heart attack.

The latest news from the spammers is that Michelle Obama has been caught nude and drunk in bed, and that her husband is on the verge of death. Oh, and apparently it wasn't a heart attack that killed John McCain, but a car crash.

Here are some of the subject lines that the criminals are using at the moment to try and tempt you into viewing their pharmaceutical spam:

  • Barak on the verge of death
  • Obama spoils state budget
  • Cindy caught hot on tape
  • Barak and McCain's conssultants
  • Who framed Bush?
  • Even presidents use it
  • Michelle's personal consultant
  • McCain and Obama use it too
  • Michelle Obama nude
  • Michelle's pink and wet desire
  • President election was framed up
  • Obama spoils state budget
  • McCain election was framed up
  • Barak caught on tape drunk
  • Drunk McCain died in car-crash
  • Drunk Michelle Obama in bed
  • Drunk Barak after elections

It seems they have learnt to spell John McCain's surname properly now. How long until they get the President Elect's first name correct too?

* Image source: Laughing Squid's Flickr photostream (Creative Commons 2.0)


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