Now about that new Mac OS X Trojan…

Over the last week there has been quite a bit of press about a new Mac OS X Trojan. Secure as it is, generally speaking, OSX is not bullet-proof, much to the despair of Mac enthusiasts like myself.

Symantec published detectionfor OSX.Lamzev.A on Nov 13th, 2008.

Word of OSX.Lamzev.A circulated on the SecuriTeam blog on Nov 14th. Trend Micro’s blog reports this malware on Nov 17th, as does Intego’s entry on Nov 19th.

Just to clarify, Sophos had already published detection for this Trojan as Troj/RKOSX-A on 29th August, 2008.

So don’t lose sleep over this, Sophos users were protected since the end of August.

Update: The link to Intego’s Security Memo talking about OSX.Lamzev.A has been updated to the correct entry.