Spam is down for most but will go up for some

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As we have been saying on our blog recently spam volumes have been down for some. Others may be seeing an increase in spam though, especially for those individuals and companies whose contact details were published to various internet sites last week as part of the leak of BNP party membership lists.

The list currently hosted by Wikileaks contains 6131 entries with associated email addresses. Of those 6131 there are 5959 uniques email addresses most of which are either free or associated with ISPs.


In the chart I have tried to amalgamate addresses into groups e.g. Virgin = {Virgin, Ntlworld, blueyonder} etc. This was based on the first part of the domain.

Surprisingly, some of the email addresses seem to be individuals' company addresses which may break their companies' acceptable use policies. As has been noted in the news media there are some interesting occupations analyzing the email addresses also gives some interesting results:

  • 17
  • 15
  • 9 sales@
  • 5 .de (TLD of Germany)
  • 1 .za (TLD of South Africa)

Rumour has it that the person(s) who leaked this information added some details spuriously.

The email addresses listed will undoubtedly be added to spammers lists of email addresses. Those mentioned in the list should look to upgrade their anti-spam software, then again this is the least of their worries.

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