Pirates of Cape COD

Pirate Flag

A reliable source has informed me that one of the hottest new games these days is “Call of Duty 5” which retails at 30 pounds per license. However there exists a website from which one may buy a license for only $10. What a bargain, even if the Sterling is at its lowest against the dollar in a decade!

The catch is that this “service” is completely illegal. No Somalis on the high seas involved here … well, we do not think so anyway. The site (which has been blocked on our WS1000 web appliance) is fed by a pathetically simplistic, albeit chutzpah-displaying, Trojan called Troj/KeySteal-A which scouts a computer’s registry for license keys related to “Call of Duty” versions 5 and 4. These stolen keys are then sold on to gamers of low moral rectitude.

The irony of the matter is that the owner of this blatantly illegal website attempts to gain the moral high ground by denouncing those who “pay fraudulently” for the keys.

We urge all to resist the temptation to subscribe to these illegal services. If there is no market for them these “entrepreneurs” would, perchance, have to actually work for a living.

 * Concept image of Call of Duty 5 courtesy of the official Call of Duty website.

** Pirate flag courtesy of current.com.