Malicious Battlefield


Following on from yesterday’s Pirates of Cape COD blog, we’ve seen more combat related malware this morning. Not quite such a well known name this time as the Call of Duty series, but “Battlefield Heroes” is a  free-to-play cartoon style shooter which is currently under development.


Troj/Bckdr-QQM disguises itself as Battlefield Heroes by using the game’s icon. To the best of my knowledge the full version of the game hasn’t been released yet, so any impatient fans may well think they’ve stumbled across gold. Trigger happy gamers who run the executable won’t find themselves locked and loaded for battle though, they’ll instead launch the Trojan which will attempt to steal MSN login information and connect to several file sharing websites. Doesn’t sound like much of a fun game does it?

As ever our advice is to remain vigilant, and remember you can never trust a file’s icon alone. If you’re not 100% sure that a file is from a legitimate source, don’t run it.

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