Any room for spam after your Thanksgiving meal?

If you’re American you may be feeling bloated and stuffed after over-indulging over the Thanksgiving holiday. That may explain the timing of one of the spam campaigns I saw in our traps here at SophosLabs this morning. It doesn’t try and mince its words about how exactly it’s going to help you achieve your weight loss.

Weight loss spam

Of course, spam about losing weight is something we see all year round, but there is usually a surge in its popularity after a major holiday like Christmas. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we see the same thing in January 2009 – the number of people receiving weight loss schemes in their email probably mirroring the number who enthusiastically buy themselves gym memberships.

Before then though, we can expect to see spam campaigns trying to sell “luxury” goods in the run-up to December 25. Those looking for a bargain amid the credit crunch might be tempted by the wave of replica and fake “brand-name” watches that we are already seeing touted in large numbers by the spammers.

Watch spam

Just remember – the only reason that spammers bombard our inboxes is because people buy the goods that they are selling. Don’t encourage them – don’t buy, don’t try, don’t reply.