ShamWow infomercial mutates into spam

Have you seen the ShamWow infomercial?

I must admit, I wasn’t aware of the ShamWow internet phenomenon until today. But a quick search of YouTube revealed that it is a low budget television advert for an absorbent towel that is building a cult-like following. A surprising number of people have been spending their spare time making spoofs of the strangely captivating advert, and its finely coiffured presenter Vince Offer.

Clu-blog-reader Pete has now pointed out to me this piece of spam he has received, promoting the Shamwow:

ShamWow spam

I was going to open a competition, inviting readers to think of the best use they could think of for a ShamWow absorbent mopping-up towel, but I was worried some of you might make a connection with the last blog post I wrote..