Trapped in history

Last month, I was feeling trapped in history. At the beginning of the month I was dealing with a customer query regarding Quaint, a Master Boot Sector virus that is 10 years old. At the end of the month I was dealing with an infection of Troj/MBRoot-A “a Trojan that infects Master Boot Record code in a fashion similar to DOS boot sector viruses”.

The last time I had to deal with this many boot sector infections was in the late 1990’s. Nowadays it is more difficult to deal with boot sector infections:

  • Difficulty in booting clean.
  • Lack of devices from which to boot clean (have you seen a boot floppy recently?)
  • More complex file systems means that recovery is more problematic.

We are working on updating how we advise people to boot clean. How do you do so?

Have you any stories where you are reusing knowledge you thought buried in the past you would like to share? If so or if you have anything else you would like to share please contact the blog via