Mind Multi-Vitamins

This morning I analysed an autorun worm with a small political twist. The author of this particular worm has taken it upon himself to air his political grievances by infecting USB sticks and numerous locations on peoples’ systems. He refers to his worm as harmless “mind multivamins”. I’ve heard malware called many things in my time, but that’s a new one on me.

Sophos “anti vitamin” detects this worm as W32/AutoRun-RY.

Seeing people trying to spread some kind of message in this way is nothing new, but wherever your political sympathies lie there’s nothing ‘harmless’ in this approach. The worm copies itself to over 150 different locations on your machine, and will also attempt to park itself on any of your removable drives, causing plenty of disruption for anyone unlucky enough to be infected.

Does this seem like a good point at which to have a political discussion with computer users? Of course not, at this point your view of the author is one of complete disdain, and your only focus is to delete anything and everything he’s dirtied your system with. If you even get past the first sentence of his dropped text file; “First of all Pleases don’t be affright, this program is not a virus ‘IS A MIND MULTI-VITAMINS’“, before deleting it, then you’re doing better than most.

For the curious though, the full text follows. It seems he got a little bored or distracted towards the end and just wandered off mid-sentence;

First of all Pleases don’t be affright, this program is not a virus ‘IS A MIND MULTI-VITAMINS’
spyware or anything, I just want to express my feeling and describe what happen to my country
I’m not a politicians, I’ve no group (militant, activist etc.,)
I’m just an individual who did not feel the eagerness of my goverment to help their citizens
One of the example of it is myself, I finish my bachelor degree in computer field and still studying
to develop my skill because there’s is no opportunity here in my country (Philippines).
some like me they go to other country to exercise thier knowlwdge abroad.
some of they in general, back in our country dead, loss their mind or
have a serious medical attention, Rape victim (lost the virginity of young girl OFW), anguished.” & vbNewLine
this is the description of the Government of my Country:
1. All of the politicians here do their job beacuase of popularity reason
preparation of next comming election.
2. Corruption: Wow the economy of the Philippines is good believe it or not
BUT: 99% of 100% of politicians here is corrupt again belive it or not
3. Politicians do their job so good by making a law of TAX
Atleast they do thier job.hehehe yeah right beacuase they want alot of
money on his/him pocket.Job will done

The Filipino or Native Pilipino is very resourceful, Intellegent
hardworking, fighting spirit, Family loving, kindness etc.,
but they just have no oppotunity.
some of the Filipino they degrade themselves of he/she wanted to
to have a nice future of her/him family.
Now what is the impact of the overseas workers family
1. HE/SHE provide the primary needed of her/him family ‘Money’ CHECK
2. Attention to her/him family DEFECTED
3. Caring to her/him family DEFECTED
4. Her/Him family appraises DEFECTED
This is happened all the time because of out of her/him present to her/him family. Her/him son or daughter
is engage to drugs, alcohol, primarital sex etc., Her/Him husband/wife have indecent relationship.
This is the big disaster of overseas Filipino workers:
Her/Him effort to have a good future her/him family is totally waste.
Her/Him effort when she/he first time to drop her/him foot to other land.
Her/Him effort to communicate to different person tradition.
Her/Him effort to ignored the descrimination
Her/Him effort to refuse the furious he feel when he/she heard the STUPID word pointing to him/her
Sorry for this program, I assure you that your file is still safe. I’d just baffled of the politicians here they serve themselves not the public.
I created this program to be utile myself for once in a lifetime, because I feel useless.hehe
about all this, all of the government officials is setting pretty on their position.
the only specific desire is to accumulate the TAX,VAT etc., of the poor citizens.
but not all politicians create a problem on this country; then who else?
the answer of this question is the person who had aspiration to become politicians
remember the ‘Crying Man’, they style is to get the fellow-feeling of the masses, he smiling
like a Dog that ready to bite when him aim is unfocused, Before I idolize the activest
who have a brave-out to express they feeling to the government but now I’m very
disappointed of them,I observe that most of them they not Determine first the the main

However aggrieved and virtuous this chap feels, there is absolutely no excuse for attempting to distribute any kind of message in this manner.