Winter wonderland at the Canadian Labs

This isn’t my typical malware related blog post definitely. Canada is experiencing some of the worst winter weather in a long time. The reason I elected to settle in Vancouver in the first place was primarily because it snowed 3 to 4 days a year and remained at temperatures ranging from 5C to -5C (41F to 23F) throughout the winter months while the rest of Canada suffers temperatures well below -20C (-4F).

Though it’s not very cold in Vancouver right now, we’re getting more snow than normal. We’ve had 30cm fall in the last three days with another 15-20cm of snow expected today and tomorrow. The reason this is extraordinary is because this is the first white Christmas Vancouver is going to have since ’98 which is exciting. I thought I’d share a few picture snapped with my phone:

View from across the street

Outside the office

I’m glad to report everyone working today managed to get to the office safe and sound with loads of joyous snow stories to share 🙂

Have a merry Christmas everyone!