Happy Christmas

Huzzah! It’s Christmas!

Newspapers are reporting that Santa Claus’s reindeer-powered Sat-Nav system was not affected by a computer virus, and he has managed to deliver presents to good boys and girls around the world.

As I write this he is on the final stretch back home where he plans to put his feet up, munch his way through a large pile of mince pies, and boot up his Commodore 64 to play some retro games from the 1980s. (If you’re curious, being a public figure he has had to stick to his C64 to avoid accusations of partisanship in the age-old Windows vs Mac handbag fight).

Hopefully you’ll be having a fun day too – but spare a thought for those people who will be working through the holiday. The police, the hospital workers, the prison warders, and – dare I say it? – the security researchers.

Yep, the good guys and gals at SophosLabs (and indeed many of our competitors) will be working as normal during the holiday, ensuring that defences remain in place against the latest malware and spam campaigns.

As you can see above and in Numaan’s post over on the SophosLabs blog, the Vancouver lab is looking particularly seasonal at the moment.

Have a happy holiday wherever you are.