Play phishing

Over Christmas I spent some time in the metropolis that is Heathrow’s Terminal 1. To pass the time I bought a couple of non-computing magazines (holidays are a chance to forget about work!). Imagine my surprise then when upon opening Scientific American, I found an article on Phishing.

The article titled, in the print copy, Can Phishing Be Foiled? was an insight into the work being done by Carnegie Mellon University’s research group, the Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory. The thing that caught my eye about the research was a project named Anti-Phishing Phil, which is a game that attempts to show people how to spot a Phish.

Luckily, that was the only computing related article 🙂 Though I was struck by the similarity between research on Phishing (how computer scientists are looking at ways phishers fool people) and the article ‘Magic and the Brain‘ (how neuroscientists are looking at the ways that magicians fool people).

Strangely, in the other magazine I bought, there was also an article on Magic. A coincidence?