Anti-Israeli hackers bring cyberwar to Washington DC and NATO

The website of the US Army’s Military District of Washington – – was hacked yesterday by hacktivists protesting against Israel’s actions in Gaza.

The hack, which is still viewable in Google’s cache of the website, claims that the site was hacked by a group called “Peace Crew”, and contains an image of a Palestinian in front of an Israeli tank, as well as crossed-out pictures of the Israeli, American and British flags.

MDW website hacked

An identical defacement occurred on the website of the NATO parliamentary assembly.

As far as we are able to ascertain, the hacks was purely graffiti rather than an attempt to install malware onto the website. However, the fact remains that as the hackers were able to tamper with these sites’ webpages they could have easily planted malicious code onto the pages designed to infect unwary visitors.

The attacks come amid reports of many Israeli websites being attacked as hostilities have escalated in Gaza.

The MDW is headquartered at Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington, DC, and aside from ceremonial duties is responsible for the defence of the Washington Metropolitan area.