New Year Resolution is to Patch!

As the festivities become a distant memory, and the new Gym membership begins to look like a bad investment, there should be one New Year resolution everyone should keep throughout 2009 and that is to ensure they are patched.

The last quarter of 2008 saw a number of high profile vulnerabilities identified in Windows. Some of which Microsoft produced urgent patches for “˜out of bound’ from their usual patch Tuesday releases.

Despite all the effort put in by them, it would appear from the growth of malware like Conficker that spreads (initially at least) using MS08-067 that people are simply not patching machines quickly enough. Conficker also uses the fact that many people use very simple passwords to spread to other machines in the network.

So the message for 2009, and the resolution everyone should try to stick to is, make sure your system is patched and up to date, and make sure you take security seriously.