OSX/iWorkS-B another Trojan affecting dodgy downloads

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SophosLabs heard some reports today regarding another Trojan affecting dubious downloads from torrent (Intego and Graham Cluley). This Trojan, OSX/iWorkS-B, is affecting Adobe Photoshop CS4 downloads on torrent.

OSX/iWorkS-B has a similar modus operandi to OSX/iWorkS-A.

The differences mean that for the disinfection you will need to kill the service DivX instead of iWorkService.

sudo killall -9 DivX

Plus remove the folder /System/Library/StartupItems/DivX

sudo rm -rfd /System/Library/StartupItems/DivX

Network administrators who monitor network traffic should look for traffic to:


OSX/iWorkS-B is yet another reason to have a security program on a Mac.